The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Andy Karr, Michael Wood.

The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Seeing The World With Fresh Eyes. Andy Karr, Michael Wood. Shambala, 2011.


This book is NOT for everyone and that is a good thing! Would you like to be like everyone?
Seriously, the book is for beginners with a certain mind set. Those trying to learn about technicalities, those who love to take innumerable selfies and those who like to “show” their images more than anything else will be very, very bored reading it. On the other hand, others who love to meditate upon small things, who appreciate noticing a feather sailing smoothly on still water may value this book immensely.
You do not have to know the Zen Buddhist (or, Daoist for that matter) terminology to understand the text. You may just need an open mind to do the exercises which are nicely described in detail. The book also offers many images as examples of “Contemplative Photography”.
I do not consider myself a beginner. Still, it did help me in understanding myself and my approach to photography. I have read it twice, from cover to cover. I recommend this book to like minded photographers.
The below are two of my images one can associate with contemplative photography.

The Fall


The Blue Boat