On Bullshit, Harry Frankfurt.


This is something every thinking, talking and listening person (yes, a broad enough population) must read. Period. Although the subject might smell a bit unpleasant, inside it is -for lack of a better word- delicious.

We humans, dwelling practically always with others in this closed space we call Earth, face bullshit almost everyday. Mr. Frankfurt kindly provides expert help to spot and recognize bullshit whenever and wherever it happens to be thrown to us. Do not underestimate the increase in the quality of your life after learning how to walk without stepping onto bullshit. Do I sound too promotional? Sorry for that. Am I exaggerating? I swear I am not.

If you are sure you know everything about bullshit and you are even not ashamed to admit that you can produce it in bulk when needed, the essay must still be on your reading list. That is because this little, light-hearted yet solid philosophy text on the (really) serious topic of bullshit is a joy to read.

You can take a look at the essay which forms the basis of this blog entry or get the book based on the original essay.



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