Pebble, trying to communicate!

Communication between people can take many forms ranging from gestures to spoken language. All have their specific advantages, peculiarities and problems. Some people excel in one or more of these ways of communication. It is perhaps easy to name a number of politicians among the “gifted”, even though we may continue to hate them as politicians. Good communication does not guarantee a warm reception!
Communication between us and animals is essentially non-verbal. We do, of course, use words to give orders or to criticize poor behavior of a dog. Still, the message is contained mostly in the tone of our voice. Some body language can also help to remind a fellow pet that her manners have not been acceptable at all!
Without access to a verbal vocabulary, the dogs have very few gestures to communicate with us. And, those are apparently enough for all the parties to build a lifelong friendship. Much closer, in fact, than many human relationships…

Let us just have a look at the above image of my dear friend Pebble. Then, please guess what he might have been trying to say.
You can choose one of the below, if you like:
– You look awful! Did I do anything wrong?
– I feel awful! Do you know what you’ve done?
– Is that all? We did not even start!
– Are we still friends?

I always had difficulty communicating people.

It seems my problem continues and I am afraid now Pebble is doing better than me, in spite of his lack of words…


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