In Time. The Movie.

Written, produced and directed by Andrew Niccol.
Played by Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

This is a slightly juvenile, part Robin Hood, part science fiction drama. There is also action and love. A good mixture, one might say! Apart from a few rather small glitches, the film is both engaging and entertaining; more than enough merits for a film that was not meant to be a masterpiece, anyway.
The colors and the mood of the film is managed perfectly without anything unfitting; thanks to master Roger Deakins.
Timberlake plays his Robin Hood part nicely as if he has always been a movie star. Amanda Seyfried fits her role beautifully.
Andrew Niccol (of the lovely Gattaca and extraordinary Truman Show) directs his project (from writing to executing) easily. Rather too easily perhaps… The storyline and the ending seems to aim to attract more cash than thought… This may be a pity though; a modern day Robin Hood story might well be a more solid and mature criticism of capitalism. On the other hand, I do realize that expecting a Hollywood film to be anti-capitalist is unrealistic.
All in all; this is a nice, little futuristic action which never looses the interest of a casual viewer…


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