Contagion, The Movie

Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

The only thing that is above average for this Hollywood production is, perhaps, its cast. We have watched the movie almost unintentionally as I was too lazy to check if the film we had, in fact, been trying to watch was on there at that particular theater, at the time…

This is a boring, fairly ordinary film. A drama? Well, perhaps a bit. A thriller? Absolutely no! A love affair? Not sure, really! An action movie? Definitely no! Something philosophical? Oh no, for God’s sake!

What else could it be? Ask Mr. Soderbergh!

What about the relatively high IMDB score? That tells more about the people who vote there!

Oh! There is just one thing that is really good about the film: This is story of a disaster affecting whole of the world with millions dead. And yet, we do NOT see the President of the US! I must say this is really, really great. Still, I doubt if The Academy gives an award for that 😉


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