Roman Baths in Ankara / Roma Hamamı, Ankara

I have visited the Roman Baths in Ankara a few days ago.

Although it sits at the former city center and occupies a land thousands of square meters in size; it remains hidden from view and even people living in Ankara for years may have no idea about it. The base of the structures are in good shape considering their age (>1500 years). However, for me, the “air” of the place was more important. The excavation still contines (now for more than 50 years). There were hundreds of pillars and other stoneworks around. Feeling that people like me was living there hundreds of years ago with probably much of the same worries as me, was a startling experience. I have taken many photographs during my 2 hour stay. A casual visitor may spend 15-20 minutes walking the whole “open museum”. The place is open two days a week; so, it is wise for future visitors to learn beforehand whether it will be open at the intended day.

From the Roman Bath, Ankara

Looking at us for about 1700 years!

Ample amount of information is available on the Internet about the place. I will not repeat them here. However, I believe visiting the site may well be a refreshing experience for people looking for the “feel” of a historical structure.


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