President Obama!

Have you noticed that many TV Channels (outside The US) use the label “president” for Mr. Obama?

Perhaps you did.

Then, have you noticed that they simply ignore he is actually the “US President” or “The President of the US”?

This usage bothers me, as a dinasourus, who still thinks there are many independent (well, sort of) states in the world with their own “presidents”.

I wonder if TV people are only too lazy and ignorant of the ramifications of their mis-usage of “President Obama” or he has been in fact “our own president” as well!



Televizyon haberlerinde ABD Başkanı Obama yerine yalnızca “Başkan Obama” dendiğini fark ettiniz mi?

Obama ne zamandan beri herkesin başkanı?

Televizyoncular tembelliklerinden mi böyle söylüyorlar yoksa Obama aslında başkanımız oldu da farkında mı değiliz?


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